An error response may occur on invalid requests e.g. on missing parameters, unknown resources or unauthorized access.

The MindMeister API uses standard HTTP status codes and custom error objects to provide a machine-readable and user friendly response.

HTTP Status Codes

2xxThe request was successfully received, understood, and accepted.
3xxFurther action is needed to fulfill the request.
4xxThe client sent an invalid request. In most cases some parameters are missing or incorrect.
5xxAn error occured on the server and is incapable of performing the request.

Error Response Object

The error response JSON object is always in the following format and sent in the response body.

    "error": {
        "type": "errorType",
        "message": "Error message",
        "details": "OPTIONAL error details"

Error Types

Error TypeStatusDescription
internalServerError500An internal server error occured. Please submit a request to get this fixed soon.
notFound404The requested resource is not found.
notAcceptable406The requested resource is not available due to the Accept header format.
unprocessableEntity422The request resource couldn't be processed due to semantic errors.
forbidden403The request was refused due to insufficient permissions.
invalidCredentials401The request was refused because authentication failed.
unauthorizedScopes403The provided scopes are insufficient.
productUnknown400The product parameter is missing or unknown.
userInvalid400The user resource is invalid due to semantic errors.
accessTokenInvalid400The access token is invalid due to semantic errors.
resourceInvalid400The requested resource is invalid due to semantic errors.