API v1 Access

GET /services/rest/oauth2?method=mm.maps.getList  HTTP/1.1
Host: www.mindmeister.com
Authorization: Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN

Most endpoints from the MindMeister API v1 can be accessed using access tokens from OAuth 2.0.

The endpoint is https://www.mindmeister.com/services/rest/oauth2 and the method name is passed in the query string. Make sure to pass all required parameters for the respective APIv1 method.

Permissions and scopes

The old permissions level read is replaced by the scope mindmeister.readonly. The permissions write and delete are replaced by the scope mindmeister.

For example, if the API v1 method requires written permissions, then it can be accessed only from an access token with the granted scope mindmeister.


The OAuth 2.0 access token replaces the old API key and the old auth token. Additionally the requests don't have to be signed when OAuth 2.0 access tokens are used for authorization.